The Rotary Club of Strathfield encourages members to engage in dialogue about topics of interest to them about our club and to raise points of view.

All communication  will either  be by email to the moderator of this "Virtual Club Assembly", Rotarian Paolo Giammarco at or direct to the LinkedIn group. 

The LinkedIn group will remain as a member only group .  All members of this club are automatically members. You simply have to click into it.

These will then be transferred to a blog page on this club's website, called members that will be accessible only by members via a password. That will become the members blog board.

On that webpage will be published the various discussions subject to input by the members. Remember  all this is a communication tool for ideas to promote improvement to our club to which the board or board members has access and may also comment.

There are numerous member “bills” available for what is required. These include input from Paolo Giammarco, Steve Taylor, previous member Tony Lanzafame, Raymond McCluskie and Rod McDougall and others. Reference is made to club assemblies in 2013 .

Join the LinkedIn Group. It can be found at

 Read all the discussions and have your say.

Paolo Giammarco
Virtual Club Assembly Moderator
Rotary Club of Strathfield