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The Board-elect

(Takes office 2021-2022)

Thaya Ponniah, President-elect




           Arie               Roy                     Peter              Alexey                  Rick

PP Arie Pappas, Club Service; PP Roy Ellis  International Service; PP Peter Smith,   Youth Service;  Alexey Prokopenko  , Vocational Service ; PP Rick Vosila,  Community Service



  Usha                       Andrew                        Nick                      Rod

IPP Usha Garg ;  President-nominee  Andrew Aravanis, ; Secretary Nick Hamilton-Kane ; Treasurer PP Rod McDougall.

Non-Board Officer:  TBA: Sergeant-at-arms

Rotary International President-elect 2020-21 is   Shekhar Mehta from the  Rotary Club of Calcutta-Mahanagar West Bengal, India

Read all about Shekhar Mehta in the Rotarian and watch his presentation to the District Governors- elect when he launches his theme and logo

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