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President Usha's Message        January 2021


Dear fellow Rotarians  

I hope you are keeping safe in this holiday period.  

Last year was a strange year, a year of experiencing difficult conditions and developing a new kind of resilience. Although new strains of Covid-19 are emerging, with the vaccine round the corner, things look brighter in 2021.  

Around this time every year, we would normally start the meetings with a game of croquet. However as that is not possible on Wednesday 20th January, we will use this opportunity to have a virtual fellowship meeting. A wonderful evening of sharing our experiences of the holidays whether we travelled or stayed put,  in this most unusual of times and there may be some interesting tales to share.  

We recommence our regular meetings on the 27th January and our first meeting will be in-person at the Strathfield Event Centre. In keeping with the tradition, this meeting will be is our bi-annual club assembly - a chance to discuss our progress so far and welcome ideas. This is also a chance to brainstorm latent creative and constructive themes with your Board members, who will be in attendance to take on board any suggestions and answer any questions or concerns.  As usual registration for the meeting would be required and a link will be emailed a few days before the meeting.   

In your holiday travels and activities, if you have met people who seemed interested in Rotary, this is a good opportunity to invite visitors and potential members to join the meeting.   

I eagerly look forward to hearing from you and meeting you as do all our members.   

Wishing all our members and their families a very happy and healthy 2021.  

Yours sincerely  


Usha Garg

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Last Update Monday January 18, 2021