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President Usha's Notes

2 September 2020


Dear fellows,

Spring: a renewal
We are already into spring. With the arrival of warm weather and longer days, I found the time to explore and catch up with the recent issues of our Rotary publications and it was a very pleasant surprise. Such a wealth of stories relevant to the contemporary environment. Here are a few that I recommend reading:

1. "With shutdowns, border closures and social distancing all businesses have had to look at their business models and come up with solutions to trade profitably in the new environment. What about Rotary"? asks Euan Miller with the finger on the pulse. Read more (click)

2. In the August issue of The Rotarian, Vivek Murthy, talks about his book: Together: The Healing Power of Human Connection in a Sometimes Lonely World. When he became America’s 19th U.S. Surgeon General (2014-17), he went on a listening tour and loneliness was a recurring theme brought to his attention. In the conversation, he notes: "What is powerful about organizations like Rotary is that they are rooted in service. Service shifts our attention from ourselves, where it increasingly is focused when we feel lonely, to other people." Read more (click)

3. A topic that often comes up for discussion is how Rotary can bring generations to work together through meetings and projects. In the July issue of The Rotarian (click), Diana Schoberg discusses how the need to connect with different age groups is woven into our genes. "Both the younger and older people thrive when they work together with a common purpose — something Rotarians know a lot about", says Marc Freedman, a longevity expert and founder of Encore.org, a non-profit organisation focused on bridging generational divides. Read more (click)

Back to our club activities, last Saturday, I enjoyed the experience of interviewing the remaining few NYSF students who were unable to attend interviews in person, in a virtual arrangement. We completed the last of the NYSF interviews, once again in a perfectly organised setting by the district NYSF group. Just another example of Rotarians throwing themselves into service for humanity and the young.

Celebrations event
The Celebrations event (click) is only 10 days away. The organising committee assures me a grand evening on 12th September. I have said that last week and the week before, so it must be true. There are only a few seats left, so time to reserve your seats (click) if you have not already done so by now.

Board invitation
Coming Monday is our Board meeting and members are invited to propose items for discussion at the meeting. Some of the items successfully ticked of the agenda now are the weekly raffle (click) and our successful format of alternate meetings (click) for now.

Our Guest Speakers
Last Wednesday, we heard from Maria Calibo-Sales about the use of innovative technology and design products such as potable water filters to help people facing natural disasters. This week, we will hear from Jack Britton, manager of customer experience on what is new at the Strathfield library. The library has recently opened to the public having been closed for renovations for some time.

Yours in Rotary

Usha Garg

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