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President Usha's Notes

2 December 2020


Dear fellows,

"The best Christmas gift is to realise how much we already have."

..... Anonymous    

Last week, we hosted what was described as one of the best "Pride of Workmanship Awards". Having organised a few in recent years, I can attest to that. A big thanks for your contribution and attendance in bringing together this wonderful night, the great organisation, the calm flow, the table program, the speakers, the raffle, the induction, the food, the seating, the award winners, the awards, the citations, the shield, the photography and last but not the least, the ambience. There were over 100 people in attendance. In the prevailing climate, it was a great feat. At moments like this, we can all be proud of being a member of the Rotary Club of Strathfield. I commend the leadership of Thaya Ponniah and Jan Barrett and the committee (Peter van der Sleesen, Rod McDougall, Janelle Watson, Keith Byrn) for organising this in record time.

On this busy evening, we had the pleasure of inducting to our club, Dr Fiona Martin MP, Federal Member for Reid. An excellent introduction from Dimitry was followed by inspiring words from Fiona about how her work embodies the ideals of Rotary as well. We look forward to more interaction with her through our work and meetings.

We are halfway through this year and the time has come to identify the carriers of responsibility for the next Rotary year. At tonight's AGM, chaired by our own PDG David Croft, we look forward to the introduction of the new Board for 2021/22 under the capable leadership of President-elect Thaya Ponniah. Let us all be there to support Thaya and his team.

The year ends with our Christmas party for members at one of our favourite venues Nonna & Co. on Friday, 11th December. Planning is underway for an evening of great fun and giving.

Coming in the new year, we will meet again mid January for our exciting Croquet game at the Croquet Club and on March 13th we look forward to the celebration of our 50th Anniversary.

We are now coming into the summer holiday break. For me and Dinesh, this has always been a time to catch up on reading, if not travelling, and the inevitable long drawn discussions and analysis of the books we read. This year I have been busy and there is a long list to catch up on.

Looks like this will be the final bulletin for 2020.  So I take this opportunity to wish you and your family a very relaxed and enjoyable break and a very Merry Christmas. Have fun with family and friends and keep safe by following the rules of engagement.

Lastly, a special thanks to many members who had key roles in the running of the club and played their part extremely well to make this half  year meaningful for all of us. Look forward to working with you in the same spirit and creating the same magic in the second half of the year.


Usha Garg

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