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5 August 2020


Dear fellows,

"..........It's fascinating to imagine how we will find new ways to adapt and stay nimble this year and beyond. But I am also inspired about what hasn't changed and never will in Rotary: the friendships, the networking, the ethics, and the service.

 Indeed, these are the values that make Rotary attractive to all. As Rotary's founder, Paul Harris, said, we have to be revolutionary from time to time. Now is such a time. Rotary Opens Opportunities countless ones for us to embrace change that will strengthen us even as we remain true to our core values........."

- RI President Holger Knaack

For a few months now, we have been managing life with limited options, within different levels of lockdown. Many of us who had a liking for solitude have breezed through these times. Some of us discovered a new passion for solitude and were able to use the time for introspection and self-analysis. I must admit I am one of them. I have always seen moments of solitude as opportunities for internal growth or at least a feeling of the same.

In-Person Meeting
However, this golden period of solitude may be coming to an end, as far as Rotary is concerned. With this bulletin, we come back (hurrah!) to our first in-person meeting at the Strathfield Events Centre after many months. Registrations are essential, and for this week available until noon Tuesday. If you are intending to attend and have not booked, please do so now. Many thanks to Rod, Arie and Alexey for working out many details to bring this all together. We see this week's meeting as something of a test as to how well in-person meetings will function. Please join us and let us know what you think. Partners are very welcome.
We come back to our raffles and our real toasts. They say 'laughter is the best medicine' and we certainly look forward to some. We promise to laugh our way through the sergeants bells and fines.

Last week's guest speaker
Last week Charmaine Langley, IPP Concord Rotary discussed her journey through Toastmasters and beautifully demonstrated how it was intricately intertwined with her Rotary journey, to help her achieve what she desired. We also heard about the interesting history and aspects of Toastmasters from Nick Rinaldi, which I personally was unaware of and perhaps others too. Interesting to note that there was much symbiosis and migration between Toastmasters and Rotary International.

Blast from the past
Around this time, most Sydney-siders get excited and look forward to the City2Surf race. However this year due to the Covid-19 Safety restrictions and the need for social distancing, the City2Surf event scheduled for 9 August 2020 has been postponed to 18 October 2020. This brings back a memory. In 2015, some of our Rotarians and partners had volunteered to be marshals in this race (right) and if you keep old copies of the Rotary Down Under magazine, you may find a nice story in the April 2016 edition.

Club communications
The club bulletin is an important document for our weekly communication and we are thankful to Bradley for compiling it every week. Every once in while, it is a good idea to ascertain if the requirements of the members are being met. In this context, Bradley has asked some questions in the form of a survey and I hope that all of us will respond to this within this week.
PP Raymond McCluskie is back at one of his favourite hobbies, tinkering with the website. Do visit the website, it may have new information. He would welcome your suggestions.

Chalmers Road School
This Monday PP Rod McDougall attended the P & C meeting as the community representative at Chalmers Road School. The committee have invited us to become permanent members and the board will consider the option at its next meeting. As the only community member at this stage, it could be a significant opportunity to assist a school we have long supported.

Board meeting
The board meeting is coming up on Monday 10th August. Members are invited to propose items for consideration at this meeting. Discussion of the upcoming POW Awards event is on the agenda in the light of the in-person club meeting this week.

This week's guest speaker
This week, we look forward to a very interesting talk from Annlone Dalhoff on "Phases of selling and creating relationships". Annlone is described as a no-nonsense executive coach, inspiring leaders to create winning cultures and engaged teams, delivering sustainable results.

Yours in Rotary

Usha Garg

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