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15 July 2020


Dear fellows,

Over the last two weeks, we broadly shared our vision, goals and programs for this year, with a focus on the current Rotary International theme Rotary Opens Opportunities.

In this pandemic time, with much uncertainty, we will continue to endeavour towards our goals.

Our Goals

At the end of 20-21 Rotary Year notwithstanding the pandemic conditions, we will be:

v  A vibrant club very attractive to new members

v  Recognized in the community and by the local government.

v  Enjoying excellent membership and public relations

v  Having interesting weekly meetings with good attendance

v  Celebrating our achievements, having contributed towards our special service projects

Supported by a smooth administration, I foresee our members working consistently with our traditional projects and at the same time creating new exciting opportunities for raising funds and having fun, Some of these are listed below:

1. In keeping with contemporary ideals, I see us establishing edible produce gardens in all our primary schools in Strathfield. Blessed with a dozen junior schools in our community, it is imperative to initiate/encourage in young children close contact with agricultural principles, the joy of producing our own food, the connection with the soil and an understanding of sustainability. This learning becomes more relevant in the current context where major food shortages are expected around the world in the coming days as a fallout of the pandemic among other factors.

2. A major focus this year is on our completing 50 years and a celebration appropriate and deserving of this important event.

3. Our continued dedication to Concord Hospital, which I expect to be a generous beneficiary of our funds raised.

There are many more new opportunities discussed by the Directors in the assembly last week, such as the suggestion of a fast food truck evening at Bressington Park, redesigning our website, developing a longer term strategic plan, more collaboration overseas, and many more.

Here one may ask what exactly is an assembly in Rotary? Well I failed to find an exact definition, but in our Club, it is seen as an opportunity for the Board and the members to outline and brainstorm programs and activities for the coming year, in the light of the clubs strengths and weaknesses. Luckily, the tradition was maintained. I thank you all for the healthy discussions and supporting the goals for the coming year. The slides presented by the individual directors and committee chairs are available as a report addendum (click)

Thanks to our program managers Nick and Janelle, we have some interesting speakers lined up for the next few weeks. Beginning with Tony Benner, a communication specialist, whose will speak this Wednesday on "From the Outside, Looking In". I am looking forward to Tony's talk and hope you are too.

On Wednesday, 5th August, we start our first in-person meeting at the Strathfield Golf Club. This will be followed by a virtual meeting on the following Wednesday and the pattern of alternate meetings will continue for two months, then reviewed.

Yours in Rotary

Usha Garg

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