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President Usha's Notes

16 September 2020


Dear fellows,

I can be sesquipedalian at times but definitely not given to rodomontade. So when I say, this week we had a wonderful Celebration Dinner, it is not far from the truth. The event was perhaps named appropriately considering the numerous awards and prizes given out.

Celebration Dinner

Around 80 people attended the evening. Near perfect ambience, melodious music, delectable food and a review of IPP Arie's year.  Shared by many special guests, including our Federal and State MPs, our councillors, past and present District Governors, Rotarians and friends, among others.

PP Rick Vosila was our MC for the evening; one of the highlights of the program. His injection of fun set the tone perfectly and kept the energy in the room upbeat, making the long drawn formalities a lot more enjoyable for the audience.

IPDG Di North OAM whose attendance always brightens any occasion presented to us, the Rotary Club of Strathfield:

  • the best club of the year in district 9675 award;

  • RI Club Citation; and

  • Major donor award

No doubt the committee members (Raymond, Rod, Trudy, Roy, Thaya and Arie) worked together to make it a success, but I would be remiss if I did not mention the special affinity of the Trudy-Roy duo and how wonderfully they managed the raffle to raise over $2000 for Concord hospital.

Photographs (click) of the evening were taken Rotarian Ted Mlynarz. Ted is a past president  of Liverpool West and a friend of our Trudy Ho. Ted volunteered to be the photographer at the Celebration Dinner.

(read IPP Arie's full report for more detail on the Celebration Dinner)

Paul Harris Fellows

Having watched their quiet consistent contributions over time, I commend Rotarians Andrew Aravanis  and Gulian Vaccari for being named Paul Harris Fellows.


However somewhere in the busy evening proceedings, came my happiest moment, when I had the chance to share a few words with Rotarian Roy Ellis about his major donor recognition and being named a Paul Harris Fellow. I wish him good health into the future.

Oral humour
For the first time since assuming the presidency in July, I was able, in an open setting, to present my thoughts and ideas about the current year to members, partners and friends of the club, and to present the new board (click). Thanks to the members of the board who played along beautifully with the spirit of the evening. I hope the humour did not shock too many people.

True meaning
While fun and fellowship is an important part of Rotary gatherings, it is also a good time to reflect on the words of Paul Harris (RI Convention, 1914, Houston Texas (click)) below:

"If Rotary ceases to be a responsibility and becomes a mere relaxation or past time, its usefulness with cease. Whatever Rotary means to us, to the world it will be known by the result it achieves."

District Governor
While we had the pleasure of the company of DG Warwick last Saturday, we did not get to hear a great deal from him. This coming Wednesday, we will hear from him and also get a chance to have some discussion.



Yours in Rotary

Usha Garg

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