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President Usha's Notes

18 November 2020


Dear fellows,

"If you want to get involved but not entangled, volunteering is a powerful tool. You should make use of it, to make activity a tool for your liberation."

by Sadhguru, Isha Foundation

With the passing of time, we are learning to live with COVID19, relaxing our  perception or real sense of agoraphobia and increasing our participation in meetings and committees. Complying with the rules of engagement such as safe distancing and hand sanitization allows us to enjoy freedom and activities and is also necessary for the greater good.  

A superb eventful, fun and fellowship meeting last week regardless of cut in time.  Remembrance Day service with hand knitted red poppies from Rtn. Janice Barrett, inducting our first musician Rtn. Ying Ho, a rapid Q &A session with President-elect and some tough brain teasers with our sergeant.

The 50th Anniversary committee has announced the date as 13th March 2021, so please lock the date in your calendar. Committee Chair PP Roger Vince is busy with the preparations but is always open to ideas and discussions.

SGHS Pink Stumps BBQ fundraiser coming up on 19th November and Rtn. Chris Virgona and IPP Arie Pappas have volunteered to manage this BBQ.

The Pride of Workmanship Awards Committee is diligently working away to put out  a great show on Wednesday 25th November evening. Registrations are open and bookings can be made easily through Humanitix link or by paying into the club account.  On this evening, we will also induct our new honorary member, Dr Fiona Martin, Federal Member for Reid.

Looking forward to our AGM on 2nd December and the introduction of Board members for 2021/22. This is the time to think what contribution(s) you would like to make in the coming year.  

The year ends with our Christmas party at one of our favourite venue Nonna & Co. on Friday, 11th December. What is the committee up to? Why not find out!

Have you visited out District home page recently?  I draw your attention to the Rotary Snippets. For example, District Public Image Director Cathy Mason believes a website is a window to club and has compiled a great Snippet No.2 on maintaining/updating the website. I must admit though, I have a weakness for our website as I know the information is up to date and is easy to find.   

"Disease detectives: In a public health crisis, contact tracers are on the case" is the title of a timely article in the October Rotary Magazine. Ghastly epidemics like Ebola have been managed through contact tracing. The article goes back to 1937 when the then-U.S. Surgeon General Thomas Parran wrote a book describing contact tracing, the first documented history of this practice. Since then, we have come a long way and are witnessing how successfully this has been used to combat the spread of COVID19.

Back in our 2nd September bulletin, I talked about an interview with Dr. Vivek Murthy's in "the conversation", a regular column in the Rotarian, where he noted,  "What is powerful about organizations like Rotary is that they are rooted in service. Service shifts our attention from ourselves, where it increasingly is focused when we feel lonely, to other people. Why do I mention this? After a 3 year hiatus (2017-19), Dr. Vivek Murthy has been selected by President-elect Joe Biden to head his COVID-19 team.

At this week's virtual meeting, we have the opportunity to hear from Dr. Janette Vardy about the Sydney Cancer Survivorship Centre at Concord Hospital. Look forward to her talk. Our meeting will once again close early at 8.00pm to allow our rugby league fans to enjoy the State of Origin match.


Usha Garg

copyright 2020
All rights reserved
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Last Update Monday November 16, 2020