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22 July 2020


Dear fellows,

Profound message
Last week we heard from one of our widely regarded Rotarians Tony Benner of Sydney Rotary. His gentle but profound message was not lost on us.

That we all like to serve we know. We also like to create change and opportunities for many. We like to help the young grow into global citizens and leaders. Seeking positive change, we bring positive transformation. That is one of the main reasons why we are here. But is this how others see us? Have we given enough thought to this. Perhaps not. Tony's words certainly had an impact on me. Perhaps on many of us.

So, with this, I express my gratitude to all Rotarians and community members who work seamlessly together to reach greater heights.

A toast to Rotary
At every Rotary meeting, we raise our glasses in a toast to Rotary as our inspiration to serve, to our country that provides us with the abundance to serve and to our community that gives us reasons to serve.

Normal meetings
We are returning to our normal meetings soon and our first in-person meeting at the Strathfield Event Centre will occur on the 5th August and will only change if NSW Health Regulations change. With a strict eye on the numbers attending, an RSVP system will soon be put in place (rather than apologies) by our club service director, Alexey Prokopenko. We expect that each member attending will inform in time. The pandemic situation is getting uncertain again, and members need to keep in close touch for updates.

Action ahead
Thanks to Bradley, we are progressing with the Youth Awards and look forward to a new way of presenting them. Thanks also for the hard work with the Bulletin. Thanks to Peter Smith and his team for the great graffiti removal in Homebush which has resulted in the chemist making a donation to our club. Bunnings Ashfield has promised a donation of $500 to our club for the inconvenience of cancelling our sausage sizzle appointment at a short notice.

House of Friendship (virtual)
When you have time please do visit the virtual House of Friendship through 31 July. (Explore, ask questions, and interact with other members at this exhibit, open 24 hours a day, that features Rotary Action Groups, Rotary Fellowships, projects, and partners. Share the experience with your club, family, and friends by encouraging them to visit, too).

Guest Speaker
This week we will hear from Dr Lachlan Warner, Coordinator of ACU's McGlade gallery at Strathfield, which plays a pivotal role for the teaching of visual arts and design. Many of us are fond of art and would find the talk interesting.

There are many more interesting talks and events coming up, so stay tuned.


Yours in Rotary

Usha Garg

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