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President Usha's Notes

23 September 2020


Dear fellows,

District Governors Visit
Last week we had a very pleasant, relaxed and informative official visit from our new DG, Warwick Richardson. Just to bring home the time and effort put in by our district leadership team, this was his fifth virtual visit and talk to a club for that day. Bravo! Seeing and hearing from him, made us aware that 2020-2021 year was well and truly here and moving forward fast.

Meeting Style
Our meeting schedule of alternating between virtual and face to face meeting has worked great for most of our members. However it creates challenges to manage the speakers, who often have a specific preference appropriate to their topic of presentation. We now have set days for meetings at the SEC and virtual meetings and arrangements have been agreed with the SEC. We are thankful to Rtn Janelle Watson for managing these requirements well.

Yesterday during a casual conversation with a colleague, the question came up what next? This immediately reminded me of the Irish proverb ‘when fishermen cannot go to sea, they mend their nets’. There are times in our lives where we may not be able to do things we have always done, in the way we have always done them. I am finding that mending the net time is great to reinvigorate ourselves by one to one discussions with each other in the club.

School Community Gardens
In this vein, last week Rtn. Jan Barrett and myself found an opportunity to spend some time together planning for our School Community Gardens project. Besides planning, in the coming days, we would like to see many events take shape; perhaps, a membership night, youth awards, pride of workmanship awards, or some surprise event? Ideas are welcome. In the meantime we have some excellent speakers booked up.

Mongolian Life
This week we hear from an amazing young man, who came to Australia for higher studies from Mongolia and is now returning back on completion of studies. He will share his experiences here while showing us not just glimpses but a good view of life in Mongolia. Sounds magnificent - sitting in the comfort of our own home, this show comes to us.

Look forward to seeing you all.

Usha Garg

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