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President Usha's Notes

25 November 2020


Dear fellows,

Of all the hundred and one ways that men can make themselves useful to society, undoubtedly the most available and often the most effective are within the spheres of their own occupations.

Paul Harris, Founder of Rotary International

Good evening. This week we welcome many guests to our signature vocational service event the Pride of Workmanship Awards,. Vocational Service calls on every human to work with integrity and contribute their expertise in their chosen profession to meet the needs of society and fellow humans.  

On this occasion we give recognition to the hidden heroes amidst us in the presence of a gathering of local community members and leaders. To be nominated, is a great honour as it recognizes the award winners skills and dedication to service and humanitarian values as seen through the eyes of their own peers. These outstanding workers go the extra mile beyond the call of duty to contribute where needed. Congratulations to all the award winners and their nominators.

Special thanks to Vocational Service Director Janice Barrett and International Service Director Thaya Ponniah for their diligent efforts in creating this gala evening. The team was well assisted by PP Rod McDougall, Rtns Peter van der Sleesen and Janelle Watson and many others.

On this gala occasion, we also have the privilege of inducting our new honorary member, Dr Fiona Martin MP, Member for Reid, NSW to our club.

Our Annual General Meeting is scheduled for next Wednesday 2nd December following the regular meeting. We look forward to the introduction of the Board members for 2021/22. Consideration will also be given to a special resolution to adopt changes to the club constitution and by-laws.

The year ends with our Christmas party for members at one of our favourite venues Nonna & Co. on Friday, 11th December. Planning is underway for an evening of great fun, but what exactly is the committee up to? Hmm.. why not find out!

Coming in the new year is our 50th Anniversary and the committee has announced the date for the celebration of this landmark event as 13th March 2021. The Rotary Club of Strathfield came into existence on 14th March 1971. This special milestone for the club is an opportunity to reflect upon our proud history of responding to the humanitarian needs with generosity and compassion. Chair PP Roger Vince is busy with the preparations but is always open to ideas and discussions.

"Disease detectives: In a public health crisis, contact tracers are on the case" is the title of a timely article in the October Rotary Magazine. The article goes back to 1937 when the then-U.S. Surgeon General Thomas Parran wrote a book describing contact tracing, the first documented history of this practice. Since then, we have come a long way and are witnessing how successfully this has been used to combat the spread of COVID19. (https://www.rotary.org/en/disease-detectives-public-health-crisis-contact-tracers-are-on-the-case).

Last week we had the opportunity to hear from Dr. Janette Vardy about the Sydney Cancer Survivorship Centre at Concord Hospital. Armed with the data collected and analysed over the last many years, Dr. Vardy provided us an overview of the breadth of services available to cancer survivors, all from a small restored cottage at Concord Hospital. (https://www.slhd.nsw.gov.au/concord/ssc_about.html).

Also, last week I had the pleasure of sharing the Pink Stumps Day with the wonderful students of Strathfield Girls High School. The BBQ held on the premises on this day was managed by many Strathfield Rotarians to help the girls raise funds for  McGrath Foundation.

Once again,  a warm welcome to all our guests and we hope you have a great evening.  I will leave you with another quote apt for this occasion ..

And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.

Nelson Mandela, Long Walk to Freedom


Usha Garg

copyright 2020
All rights reserved
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