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President Usha's Notes

28 October 2020


Dear fellows,

This week, let us talk about our Rotary experience. But why?

The 'Why'
Well, the past few weeks we have had numerous activities that kept many of us busy and on our toes. At times I was exhausted and so were the others. So I asked myself the question - why do we put in so much of ourselves into Rotary?

The pandemic has not made it easy, and for a time our club was effectively closed. But it has not stopped us and now, a few months later, we can see how the Rotary spirit and resilience has pulled us through..

The Meetings

  • We worked together to create this pattern of virtual and in-person meetings which has been a success in reaching out to most of us. Interesting and informative speakers have presented to us each week no matter the format of meeting.

  • The raffle has continued albeit with an innovative twist. The sergeant has given us great mirth regardless of meeting location. We found the joy of sharing a drink and enjoying fellowship sitting 1.5m away and even while connecting through the screens.

Outside the meetings

  • We have all kept in touch and helped each other in good health and in sickness;

  • We teamed together for the BBQs to raise funds within the bounds of social distancing;

  • We pulled out our best and funniest hats to have a laugh and raise awareness of mental illness;

  • We bunched together in attractive red T-shirts at Strathfield station to contribute to the polio program;

  • We have stretched and reached out to many international clubs;

  • We have initiated the pilot study for our "School Vegetable Garden Project" special project; and

  •  we have kept our internal and public communication channels, abreast of all activities.

Now back to the question - why? You have probably guessed the answer.

This is why we like Rotary. This is why we like our club. This is why we like being a Rotarian: We like the service; the activities; the meetings; the humour; and the fellowship.

We like it all.

To all of you I take this opportunity to say a big "Thank You".

Upcoming Activities

But there is much more before the end of this year.

  • Pride of Workmanship is coming up on the 25 November.

  • And we will be inducting our newest member Ying Ho and our new honorary member, Dr.Fiona Martin, Federal Member for Reid.

  • The AGM will be held on 2 December and many of you could be contemplating whether you should nominate for next year's board! And

  • finally some real fun and frivolity at our Christmas party on Friday, the 11th of December at Nonna & Co.

  • This week we will hear from Dr. Neil Jeyasingam on "Batman and what he can teach Us about mental health". I must admit, I am totally ignorant but definitely curious as you may be too about this subject. Hope you and your friends will join us.

Usha Garg

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