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29 July 2020


Dear fellows,

"One of the great joys of my life is to share experiences through generations and cultures - when we learn from each other and make  friendships that transcend ages and borders we make the world a better and more peaceful place."

- RI President Holger Knaack


Last week's guest speaker

Last week we were privileged to enjoy a quite different guest speaker topic: Art and the art of curating an exhibition. Dr. Lachlan Warner Curator of The McGlade Gallery at ACU described his last 15 years of experience and career in curating exhibitions from different parts of world, from Tibet to Africa to Korea, each one based on the individual country's cultural icons. Absolutely fascinating to watch and hear about his slides. Interestingly, some current Archibald prize winners are residents of Strathfield (Strathfield has talent). In the near future, we hope to have one of our meetings in the McGlade gallery which is also a part of NSW Regional Galleries Association.

What next?
July is nearly gone and I am sure many of us would have thought of and missed the "Christmas in July" event. Yes, we have a good excuse at the moment. But the pandemic may not last forever and we will have an opportunity to make up for lost events.

PP Peter Smith informs us that slowly but surely student activities were coming back at Homebush high school and other schools. The BBQ trailer is also now ready and going in for some sign-writing.

Westfield Local Heroes
You might remember, earlier in the year we had nominated Peter in the Westfield Local Heroes program for his work that makes a positive impact to the local community. The Centre Group informs us that due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this has been extended by one month and the community vote will now be held on 25 August 2020.

Parish Pantry
This Monday, we had another meeting with Father James who oversees the Parish Pantry at St Paul's Church, Burwood, and made our humble contribution to replenish the pantry with grocery items, blankets, clothing and other non-perishables. In these times, it is commendable how he and his team reach out to people who could use some help.

Rotary represented
Michelle Davies, Principal of Chalmers Road School, has invited our club to be represented on the school P and C Committee. Suggested by Thaya, the idea was discussed at the time of presentation of a cheque to the school in June and the concept appreciated. This fills the gap of community representation on the P & C. Pending the consideration by the Board, Rod will attend the first meeting on the morning of 3rd August.

RSVP system
Alexey is now implementing an RSVP system in preparation for our in-person meeting next week, 5th August. We will be asking members to either confirm their attendance or register an apology. This information will be used by IPP Arie to confirm numbers with Forte at the golf club.

First in-person meeting
Looking forward to our first in-person meeting after this week. It will go ahead unless government regulations change. Hope to see you there. Partners and guests are very welcome. Our Celebration dinner committee informs me that preparations are in full swing and we eagerly look forward to this wonderful evening.


Yours in Rotary

Usha Garg

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