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President Usha's Notes

30 September 2020


Dear fellows,

Who are you?
The winter is again playing hide and seek with us and so are many of our members with meetings. It is almost a fun game guessing who we will see in the next meeting.

Come to our meetings
I hope we are all enjoying this relatively slow paced relaxed atmosphere this year. The primary focus remains on meetings and if you are enjoying the meetings and the guest speakers then please do come to all the meetings, virtual or in person and encourage other members and friends to come along. We do look forward to seeing each other and our partners.

Zone Conference
Recently we had the Zone 8 conference. For those who were unable to attend this virtual conference, can access the excellent presentations (click)

Rotary D9675 Conference
The Rotary D9675 Conference (click) is coming up and will be held as a F2F event at the Sydney Masonic Centre on 19-21 March 2021. However it could change to a virtual conference if COVID-19 prevents gathering in person. PDG Sue Hayward assures us a great line up of speakers, both local and from overseas. Keep an eye for more details.

Rotary International Convention
Also registrations are open for the next Rotary International Convention (click) to be held on 12-16 June 2021. "Feel the Energy in Taipei" is the message from the convention. The convention is the perfect place to discover new opportunities for service and friendship. Twelve hosting Districts in Taiwan with around 35,000 Rotarians are joining together to show their hospitality and warmest welcome. The charm of Taipei lies in its vibrant spirit, enthusiasm, diversified culture, culinary delights and much more. The innovation and ongoing developments in Taiwan have also attracted people from all over the world. Join the Rotary Convention in 2021, and Feel the Energy in Taipei.

TIME magazine recognition
“One thing I know for certain, is if Nigeria could eliminate the wild poliovirus, any country can eliminate it.” These are the words of Dr. Tunji Funsho, chair of Rotary’s Nigeria National PolioPlus Committee. This week he was recognized as one among 100 TIME magazine's most influential people in the world for his instrumental leadership and work (click) with Rotary members and partners to achieve the eradication of wild polio in the African region. He is the first Rotary member to receive this honour for work towards eradicating polio. Although not a great fan of the TIME magazine, I believe this honour for this important work is a great celebration for Rotary. Facebook post (click)

Inspirational story
Food security issues are again highlighted in parts of the world with the ongoing COVID19 pandemic. Rotary Voices has an inspirational story (click) of how Rotary Club of Newlands in Cape Town, South Africa, raised US$80,000 to feed many thousand families and children suffering from the devastating effects of COVID-19 on food security in their city.

Board meeting
Back to the club matters, our Board meeting is coming up and I welcome members to suggest matters for discussion.

Power of music
Last week we heard from a student who had come here for higher studies about his home country Mongolia. It is not often that we hear from overseas students about their homeland first hand. This week we return to the theme of art and music and we will hear from a young teacher Ying Ho on the power of music in education.

Look forward to seeing you all.

Usha Garg

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