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Raffles Roster Rules


In the Rotary spirit of sharing the load, ‘raffles Rick’ has devised a roster so all members can activity participate in our weekly raffles.

Here are the rules of the game

1. This is a test of your accountability and responsibility. If you are rostered on for a particular night, you are accountable and responsible for running the raffle on that night. Please don't let your club down.
2. On your night, you do the lot: arrange the prizes beforehand (three prizes is all we need; be creative with them); announce the raffle; sell the tickets; tally the money; manage the draw; and make it a huge success. I will assist if needed. We can also enlist the support of other members on the night for ticket selling, etc.
3. If you can't make it on the night, you must arrange to swap your shift with someone else on the roster (early!). Don't just let it slip by so we don't have a raffle on the night.
4. If on the night that you're rostered on we have a Transfer Meeting (or no meeting) and so no raffle is required, you get the night off; bonus!

PP Rick Vosila

Club Service Director


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