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Board 2020-2021

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The Team

Usha Garg, President


            Alexey               Thaya              Peter                Janice                 Allan

Alexey Prokopenko, Director Club Service; Vice President PP Thaya Ponniah,  Director International Service and  President Elect;  PP Peter Smith,  Director Youth Service;  Janice Barrett  Director, Vocational Service ; Allan Teale, Director Community Service



Arie                    Dimitry                      Rod                        Nick

Arie Pappas IPP (Immediate Past President);  Dimitry Palmer, Secretary;  PP Rod McDougall, Treasurer;  

Non-Board Officer:  Nick Hamilton-Kane: Sergeant-at-arms

Club Assembly Slides (click)

 Next  Board Meeting is in the new year

The Committees (draft)

Rotary Program Acronyms



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