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International Service Director 2020-21

 Thaya Ponniah

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Rotary Foundation

Arie Pappas, Rod McDougall, Roy Ellis, Nick Hamilton-Kane and Roger Vince

1. Contribute at least $100 per capita to the Annual Fund of Rotary Foundation
2. Sponsor a Youth Exchange student or RYLA participant

Shelter Boxes

Janelle Watson and Mathew Elias




Andrew Aravanis and Bradley Ayres

 DIK (Donations in Kind)

Gulian Vaccari and Marvin Manrique

Probus Clubs Established Overseas

Raymond McCluskie

International Projects

• Peace and conflict prevention/resolution – Sri Lankan War Victims’ Rehab
• Disease prevention and treatment - Prevention of Drug Abuse and HIV/AIDS
• (Sri Lanka, India and Colombia)
• Basic education and literacy – Colombian School Children Education

Projects in the making

Global Grant Project - aligned with one of Rotary’s focus areas
• Establishing Probus Clubs - overseas
• Sister Club Arrangement - Rotary Club of Fusagasugá, COLOMBIA



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