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Message from our President Dr Usha Garg

Welcome to the Rotary Club of  Strathfield. In this 50th Anniversary year, I invite you to get involved in our club  activities and projects, make new friends and have some fun so contact me anytime for a friendly chat.

We are a service oriented, gregarious, fun loving, not for profit club located right in the heart of Sydney. We practice the motto of Rotary "Service Above Self".

Our members come from diverse cultures and generations to work together to try and make the world a better place.  Members of this club meet every week on Wednesday evenings 6.30pm for dinner and at every meeting we  raise a toast to Rotary International for being our inspiration to serve, to our country that gives us the abundance to serve and to our community that gives us the opportunities to service. Check our leadership team (click) and their plans. Whether you prefer working with the local community, or are interested in working collaboratively with other clubs (State/Australia) wide or in  International projects, our club may have something to offer you.

You might be surprised to learn that when you join Rotary its not just Strathfield with its 45 members, its an international organisation and you are welcome at any Rotary Club in any country read what Rotary International says about Rotary

Rotary is the largest service club in the world, consisting of approximately 1.2 million members in over 200 countries. People come from all walks of life sharing a common goal - a desire to help humanity. You have probably already heard of some of our activities, but what you do not know is what happens 'behind the scenes' - how Strathfield Rotarians work along with community members seamlessly to bring some wonderful change. 

Usha   President


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