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Club Service Director 2020-2021


In Person Meeting Requirements that are held very second Wednesday

Location: Strathfield Golf Club Event Centre (Function Room Sida)(Please note that we will not be meeting in the business centre - the venue for previous club meetings).

  • Please be aware you need to register (click)

  • This applies even if you do not require a meal

  • Your advice is needed by noon on Tuesday

  • Please note that due to arrangements agreed with our caterer meals can not be provided for those who do not register.

A plated, two-course meal with tea and coffee will be served. The meeting will not be buffet styled. Drinks will be available for purchase at the bar adjacent to the function room. There is no change to dinner payment arrangements, which may be completed at the door of the function room.

The golf club have a COVID-19 protocol in place. Please note the following:

* you must to sign in electronically when you appear in Golf Club
* you will be required to provided photo ID, name, phone number and email address (information will be kept for 28 days)
* you will be asked to observe 1.5m social distancing
* you must stay seated as much as possible and not roam around the club
* alcohol can be only consumed by seated customers
* no more than six people at a table
*  please also adopt good hygiene practices:

- covering coughs and sneezes with inside elbow or clean tissue
- no touching face, eyes, nose or mouth
- no unnecessary touching (shaking hands or touching)

We look forward to see you all in the club.

Please feel free to contact me on alexey@kiteunion.com.au or 0432 833 024.

Kind regards,
Alexey Prokopenko
Club Service Director


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