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President Thaya's Message

4 May 2022




My fellow Rotarians and friends of Rotary,


When we attend Rotary meetings above the club level, it provides us with more knowledge about Rotary. It will motivate us and our club to become stronger and more effective. We can also expand our personal and business networks with Rotarians from across the district, and we enhance our personal leadership skills.

The District Assembly is providing an opportunity for all Rotarians in our District 9675 to meet with other Rotarians, exchange ideas and learn about how our Rotary club can be an inspiration to our communities. There are so many aspects of Rotary that could interest and excite us. The annual District Assembly will allow all Rotarians to explore the best practises of Rotary and share the latest and greatest ideas on how to serve our communities, grow our clubs, engage our youth, obtain grants and have fellowship and fun with Rotarians according to our shared interests.


v  WHEN: Our District Assembly will be held from 9:00am to 4:00pm on Saturday, May 14 2022.


v  WHERE: It will be at the William Inglis Hotel, 155 Governor Macquarie Dr, Warwick Farm, NSW, 2170.

v FREE : It is a free-of-charge event sponsored by our District for  Rotarians to participate and benefit.

v  JOIN :  To Book / register (click)

Purpose of the District Assembly

  • To prepare incoming club leaders for their year in office and build their leadership team.

  • To give the District Governor Elect and incoming Assistant Governors and District Committees the opportunity to motivate club leadership teams and build their working relationships.

  • To provide members of Rotary clubs the opportunity to learn more about the different programs of Rotary and to have the opportunity to become involved at club and/or district level.

  • To provide fellowship experience for members of District 9675's various Rotary clubs.

Who needs to attend?

  • Rotary Presidents/ President  elect/Committee to assist with transition planning for the upcoming Rotary year

  • Club Treasurers and Secretaries will receive annual training.

  • Club Foundation Chairs will be required to attend mandatory training in order to receive District and Global Grants.

  • Incoming and prospective club board members can learn what Rotary has to offer beyond the club level.

  • Rotaractors will be invited to attend special sessions designed specifically for them.

  • Any Rotarian who wants to know more about our great organization.

We should also recognise the huge role that our Rotary Foundation has if our clubs are to be successful. Our club can choose to participate in, or even lead, a Global Grant that provides funding for a large international project. It is good to note that we have done two global grant projects this year.

Finally, I would encourage all the members to Book / register (click) and participate, as it gives us the opportunity to learn more about the different programs of Rotary and to have the opportunity to become involved at club and/or district level. It will be a great benefit and a great fellowship experience for the members of the different Rotary clubs in District 9675. annually.

See you at the District Assembly,

'Rotary provides training at all levels so that those who have been selected for leadership positions have the opportunity to learn and apply leadership principles to their jobs'                        Ron D. Burton


Rotary Service to You

Thaya Ponniah

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